To not answer this question well can have harmful consequences in the efficiency of our fight against evil forces.

People often insist on the fact that an ancestor is someone who lived here a recognized life of exemplarity, morality, or ethics. However, suppose someone lived here in witchcraft as n’soki, (evil practice intended to harm). In other words, he lived in the bad use of kindoki (knowledge of initiatory mysteries).

When this person dies, he leaves to the descendants of his obedience the task of continuing his work. From time to time he himself comes to help them, and they too invoke him. So, whether you like it or not, he is an ancestor for them!!!

Ignoring his status as an ancestor, vis-à-vis his own, puts you in the position of ignoring and never defending yourself from his attacks, and therefore of being vulnerable.

An ancestor is therefore someone who in the beyond has greater expertise than ours in the field of our elevation. Thus, each identifies the ancestor in relation to the present experience, that is, divine, human, or demonic.

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