The notion of a God who is the Most-High-Creator is a wrong theism introduced by Akhenaton. This false theism has been adopted by the Westerner in their Christianity influenced by Grecian philosophy.

It is sad that, like some Black people, many Bakôngo confuse Nzâmbi Ampûngu Tulêndo (the Most-High) and Mbûmba Lowa (the creator) thus falling in the same theological fallacy as Akhenaton.

Since the time of Plato, western philosophy and theology have tried, in vain, to prove the validity of this theism. Despite the contribution of great western scholars in the prestigious institution called Gifford Lectures, this attempts have remained a failure.

Nzil’Alowa, our modern academy of African traditional spirituality, has proven since 2008 the validity of the true Kongo theism where the Most-High (Nzâmbi Ampûngu Tulêndo) is different from the creator (Mbûmba Lowa), and the Logos (Mpina Nza). This demonstration is possible today thanks to the @KemeticCosmologicalArgument.

This argument proves that, in its original trend, continued today in Bukôngo, the Kongo religion, African traditional religion is in reality an exact science. This science dictates a hierarchical theism where the Most-High thrones above lower divinities that are: the creator, the Logos, and the highest divinized ancestor.

The fallacy of western theism implies the fallacy of their monotheism. Thus, true monotheism is the African one and it means a transcendent Most-High Deity throning above lower divinities that are but his manifestations. True monotheism is hierarchical.

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