Our intuition tells us that God, the Supreme Being, is the greatest possible being. The kemetic cosmological argument confirms this assertion by proving that all reality is in God, the Most High.

If there were a reality outside of God, the outcome of adding that reality to God will be an entity greater than the Supreme Being, i.e., greater than the greatest possible being. This is impossible.

Therefore, all reality is in the Most High and is spiritual. Matter is but a limited, and even reversed perception of the sole reality, the spiritual. The visible is a weak perception of the invisible.

It then follows that evil cannot be real. Evil has only the reality you and I attribute to it in our ignorance. Evil is a lie to be faught by the use of spiritual Truth: the allness of God and the nothingness of his/her opposite.

The distorted perception that we call evil (disease , impérialism, neocolinialism, all kinds of inharmonies) is always the result of our own impurity or disconnection with the protective embrace of holy ancestors.

This explains how un the divine practice of African traditional religion, like in the Kimpasi (the Kôngo initiatory sacerdoltale academy) disease could be healed through the simple means of purification of thoughts.

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