“Men and women of all climes and races are still in bondage to material sense, ignorant how to obtain their freedom. The rights of man were vindicated in a single section and on the lowest plane of human life, when African slavery was abolished in our land [USA]. That was only prophetic of further steps towards the banishment of a world-wide slavery, found on higher planes of existence and under more subtle and depraving forms.” (M. B. Eddy, Science and Health, pp. 225-226).

This quote from an American spiritual thinker should awaken Black/Africans around the world to realize that slavery and colonization are practices that transcend the visible earthly order.

In fact, African traditional Black culture informs us that facts, good and bad, always begin in the invisible world before becoming visible on this lower earthly plane.

Thus, solving colonization and slavery on this lower plane is only A FIRST STEP towards a greater liberation of Black Africa: the liberation of our ancestors kept under the yoke of the Whites on the higher planes of existence, i.e., the ethereal.

If our Black spirituality, whatever be its nature and appelation, does not lead us to a solution to this problem of ethereal slavery of our ancestors, then it includes a deficiency, regardless of the discourse we attach to it.

It is up to every spiritual leader of continental Africa and the diaspora to reflect and arrive at a solution to this great problem.

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