We will never stop to affirm that as shown by its congruence with the kemetic cosmological argument, the Bukôngo, the Kongo religion, is an exact science. This science makes it possible to establish Kongo theism as including eternal celestial deities and temporal deities.

Among the eternal celestial deities are:

1. Nzâmbi Ampûngu Tulêndo, the Most High. He is the only divinity that is qualitatively and quantitatively infinite, i.e., infinite in the number of individualities he/she includes and in the quality of his/her individuality. All other divinities are only qualitatively infinite. Nzâmbi Ampûngu Tulêndo is transcendent so that, since the time of ancient Egypt, true Black/African initiates don’t address their prayers directly to him. In Memphis theology this supreme deity is called “Sole Lord” in the “Pyramid Texts”, or “One Lord” in the “Egyptian Book of the Dead”.

2. Mbûmba Lowa, God the Creator (one out of many creators in the temporal realm). As the manifestation of the fullness of the glory of the Most High, this divinity is a sun, lowa. In the theology of Memphis he is Atom and his solar nature is designated by “ra”. It should also be noted that the Egyptian Book of the Dead identifies him with the cat, now the term kôngo mbûmba also means cat.

3. Mpina Nza is the Logos or the fullness of the divinity. He is symbolized in Bukôngo by the conjunction of the male principle and the female principle in human beings and divinities. In Memphis theology the Logos is Ptah.

Aside from these three celestial divinities, the highest deity of an ethnic group, or a nation, is the highest of its deified ancestors. In Bukôngo he is called eponymously Kôngo. Each Egyptian administrative entity called its own “Dead God”.

Aside of Kôngo, we can cite divinities such as:

a. Bunzi, deities at the basis of the creation of the Kingdom of Loango.

b. Lusunzi, divinity worshiped through a stone bearing the same name, “tadi dia lusunzi”.

c. Tomi. The ngânga tomi has the power to bring abundance to people and to the land. Like for the previous divinity, his altar is a stone of the same name.

d. Please continue the list…

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