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Spiritual Healing in Kôngo Tradition: Its Nature, Scientific Validity, Generalization to African Cultures and Modern Continuation

In this paper, the author demonstrates the scientific anthropological bases of the purification of being, exposes the scientific validity of the existence of spirits, and evidences the main two approaches of the use of the spirits in divine healing as being the use of water, of herbal and mineral agents as well as the sole use of prayer.

A New Apologetic Approach for an Effective Defense of Vodou

One of the problems faced by African traditional religion (ATR) is its demonization by the West. This paper proposes a new
apologetic approach for the defense of Haitian Vodou.

A Theological Approach to the Simplest Mathematical Explanation of the Dynamics of the Temporal Universe

A theological inspired explanation of the dynamics of the universe that offers the advantage of using elementary notions of algebra and analysis and applies to the astronomical level as well as to the subatomic one.

A Theological Perspective on the Future of Black Philosophy

The reemergence of African traditional religion as an exact science will force Black philosophy back to a low-key position as: a Western paradigm dealing with African issues.

Comparative Monotheism: Ancient Egypt and the Kongo Religion, the Bukôngo

This article shows that the scholastics concept of monotheism is not in line with the logic of their theistic philosophy, nor with the Christian idea of God as immutable and perfect. Hence, this concept cannot serve as a universal standard for the assessment of other religions.

Theological proofs of the kinship of ancient Egypt with south-Saharan Africa rather than Eastern and Western civilizations

From the congruence of ancient Egypt and Kongo religion with a cosmological argument, this paper contends that the natural theological kinship of ancient Egypt is with south-Saharan African rather than with Asia and Europe that diverge from the scientific import of this natural systematic theology.

The Theory of General Devolution: a Call for an African Solar Renaissance

The demonstrated scientific validity of African holistic epistemology will lead to solar renaissance and the final revalorization of our original and cost-efficient and cost-effective traditional technologies.

The Spiral as the Basic Semiotic of the Kongo Religion, the Bukongo

In this paper the author demonstrates the spiral (simplified as the Kongo cross) as being the basic sign of the system of signs used in the kongo religion, the Bukongo, to convey spiritual teachings as well as to help the initiates recall what they have been taught.

The Solar Cosmological Interpretation of the Egyptian Nut, Shu, Geb Scene

The Nut, Shu, Geb scene is not only the depiction of the origin of the temporal universe, but also a pictorial explanation of the nature of our universe.

The notion of  “Nzâmbi Ampûngu Tulêndo”: an outcome of the being-force concept

In this article the author shows the weakness of the superlative interpretation and demonstrates that the word n’kisi, a synonymous of mpûngu, meant originally power; it alludes to the concept of the being-force. Thus the expression “Nzâmbi Ampûngu Tulêndo” alludes to the Supreme Being as the highest concept of the Kôngo being-force. 


Neo-kemetism, as advocated by our academy Nzil’Alowa, offers a valid and more efficient approach that will enable the Black to attain this fame and unity by liberating the Black nation from the slavery of the Western materialistic paradigm.

The necessity of traditional values to the modern Educational system, the case of the Kôngo people of the Democratic Republic of Congo

This paper contends that integrating the values cherished in the traditional system will lead to a more efficient academic output due to the superior ability of intuition to break epistemological obstacles, and to the development of citizens anchored in the necessity of caring for their society and environment.

The Generalization of the Notion of N’kisi (Fetish?) Thanks to the Concept of Being-force and to Natural Theology

This paper attempts a generalization of the notion of n‟kisi, often wrongly reduced to the concept of fetish. This generalization demonstrates that the concept of n'kisi alludes to spiritual power as the protecting presence surrounding the human being and the animating spirit governing human beings, phenomena as well as objects of nature and of human creation.

African Indigenous Religion and Its Ancient Model Reflections of Kongo Hierarchical Monotheism

This paper offers a new approach to the AIR that allows a scientific explanation of its doctrines through the use of the kemetic cosmological argument, an argument whose conclusions are convergent with Newtonian physics.


This paper contends that when applying social Darwinism to the history of ATR, one must distinguish two stages: a steady stage where ATR was an exact science, and the present devolutionary stage which was inaugurated by the encounter of ATR with dualistic cultures of the West.