Many problems that our nowadays society seems to face were settled through African wisdom by our ancestors. While the debate on polygamy preoccupies the Congolese parliament (DRC), knowing the solution of the Kongo ancestors in this matter would help to advance the debate.

-Unlike Western society, spirituality among the Bakongo was experienced at the divine level (with very high standards of purity) by a minority and at the human level (with rather ethical and ritual standards) by the majority.

-The moral ideal in Kongo society was therefore lived and exemplified by the priests of the Kimpasi, the Kongo academy of divine mystery. The high priest (who always belonged to this academy) and the other priests of his obedience were strictly bound to respect monogamy.

-The priestess had to chose herself her husband. And in the event of his death, she would not remarry. When the partner happened to be unfaithful, the marriage was dissolved and the priestess, or the priest, remained single and celibate.

-However, as far as society was concerned, the high demands of divine spirituality were not imposed on the masses, although they remained for them a model and a source of inspiration. Wisdom was therefore to choose the lesser of two evils. This translated, in matters of marriage, into a choice between prostitution (including its corollaries) and polygamy.

-The choice of ancestors in marital matters therefore naturally leaned towards monogamy as the ideal, while tolerating polygamy for ethical reasons.

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