Initiation into BUKÔNGO Divine Mystery

Dr . Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is invited by the Ancestral Wisdom Bridge Foundation to a special sacerdotal mission in the USA to initiate brothers and sisters of the African Diaspora in the Divine Mysteries of  the BUKÔNGO African Traditional Religion.

August 2 - 10, 2024 

Cherry Plain, NY

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An Invitation to the African Diaspora

The foundational principle of Kôngo divine initiation reveals that human beings (bântu) are born with a perfect divine path set by the Most High (Nzâmbi Ampûngu Tulêndo). However, we encounter resistance from malevolent and negative forces knocking us from that path. Consequently, our wise Ancestors instituted initiation into the divine mystery (secret teachings leading to illumination) to realign the mûntu (human being) with their divine purpose.

The purpose of initiation is to reeducate and realign the mûntu with their divine nature.

Even in the face of changing times, the essence of the divine initiation remains steadfast. Yet, as we reflect on the atrocities of enslavement and colonization, we're reminded of the deliberate efforts to strip away our Black/African history, culture, identity, and connection to our Ancestral wisdom.

The scars of this oppression run deep, haunting both those scattered across the Diaspora. and those rooted in Mother Africa. Forced from our divine path by the hands of oppressors, we find ourselves yearning to reclaim what was unjustly stolen from us. The urgency of this healing journey cannot be overstated; it's a lifeline amidst the wreckage of our past.

In the throes of Western religious dominance, divine initiation into BUKÔNGO African Traditional Religion stands as a beacon of light on this relentless journey, guiding us back to our true nature as spiritually empowered beings. The door of return opens through the divine mysteries of BUKÔNGO African Traditional Religion.

The door of return opens through the Divine Mysteries. Welcome home!

Dr. Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka (DRC)

Kiqt !

The Journey to Spiritual Rebirth

At Nzil'Alowa, our modern academy of African traditional spirituality, initiation into the divine mystery isn't just a ritual – it’s an elevation of our religion to its original nature as an exact science. Here, our journey begins with healing our spiritual culture.

Imagine, if you will, the impossible made possible: our African religion, once relegated to the sidelines, is elevated to its rightful place as an exact science. It's a transformation achieved through the profound wisdom of the Kemetic Cosmological Argument – a deductive reasoning that establishes the essential doctrines of the religion bequeathed by our ancestors. The benefit of reestablishing this scientific nature of African Traditional Religion (ATR) is seen in the fact that religion underpins all the aspects of African culture.

But the true beauty lies in the ripple effect of this restoration.

For too long, we've been told that our beliefs were primitive, backward, mere superstitions, even witchcraft. But now, as African Traditional Religion (ATR) reclaims its scientific nature, it infuses every facet of our culture with renewed vigor. It's a renaissance, a rebirth for those called to reclaim this sacred science.

Divine initiation also becomes a powerful tool of apologetics for the defense of our scientific and technological culture. Moreover, science being universal, the elevation of the ATR to the level of an exact science will easily lead to the renaissance of the Black Nation sought after by the Pan-Africanist movement.

While the wounds of our past may run deep, they do not define us. It's time to shift our perspective, to rise above the ashes and reclaim our ancestral birthright hidden within the divine mysteries of BUKÔNGO.

Unlocking the Secrets of Divine Mysteries

First, understand that your true nature is not the corporeal being, but the inner spiritual being, a "Sun of the Most High" - an Osiris.

The purpose of initiation (luhândusu) is to develop the ability to be in touch directly, or symbolically through the ngânga (initiator), with the Holy Ancestors who are in mpêmba (water as symbol of the holy abode of illuminated ancestors) as they are the emissaries of divine revelation and healing.

During the 9-Day Initiation, you will be arming yourself with the knowledge and practice of the divine science to activate Nzâmbi-n’kisi (spiritual power) within you.

What Does it Mean to be Initiated?

Luhândusu into the divine mystery of Bukôngo is a sacred and transformative journey into deeper spiritual understanding and connection with the Bakulu ban'lôngo (Holy Ancestors). The 9-Day initiation involves a series of teachings and activities designed to awaken your consciousness to the profound realization of your true spiritual nature. In a community of fellow initiates, you will be taught natural systematic theology, cosmology, epistemology, spiritual healing of yourself and others, and defense against the use of “black magic.” As a result, you will arise empowered, a spiritual rebirth if you will, with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper sense of knowing who you really are and what you are capable of.

Initiation into the divine mystery is not about building shrines, creating talismans or fetishes, or feeding the gods, it is deep inner work of remembering and activation. Ultimately, initiation into the divine mysteries is about recognizing the inherent n’kisi (divine power) WITHIN YOU!!  You will learn how to harness the support of divine guidance within and around you to heal any "dis-ease" in your life and manifest the life you seek. 


What activities are involved during the initiation?

The initiation comprises of wisdom teachings in the Bukongo tradition of the KImpasi. Initiates will be engaged in the study of cosmology, ancient wisdom, comparative theology, purification of thoughts as well as spiritual healing techniques. It's like going to an ancient mystery school of advanced wisdom. There will be no creation of elements from nature. That will be offered in the second level of initiation in the Congo. 

Note: this is not similar to or connected with Palo practices in the diaspora. This is study of the Kimpasi, the divine mystery. If you are not certain of the difference, consider taking  a course.

How much does it cost?

Cost for the initiation is displayed on the application form. Kindly complete the application here. For full disclosure, to make this initiation possible to the Diaspora, the fees include "Tuition" to cover the cost to bring Dr. Luyaluka and his assistant to the USA, plus accommodations and meals for 2 weeks. Fees for participants' lodging and meals are paid to the facility, if applicable. We strive to make the initiation as affordable as possible. We also hope to offer full or partial scholarships. 

Where will it be offered?

The initiation will be held in Cherry Plain, New York at the East Coast Village campground. Please go here for more details about the facility. VISITING THE EAST COAST VILLAGE. Any questions about your visit, please email :

What do I need to bring?

Staying at the East Coast Village campground requires you to bring various personal items for your stay...depending on your lodging options. Please visit this webpage for more details....VISITING THE EAST COAST VILLAGE

Additionally, for the initiation, you will need to have access to a Bible for comparative study, which may be accessed for free online. Also required is the text  In the Beginning was the Bukôngo, which may be purchased on Amazon.

Optionally, you may get other titles, including, Bukôngo, Afrocentric Spirituality and Kindoki, all available on Amazon. 

Who can participate in this initiation?

This initiation is offered ONLY to those who identify as people of African descent, black or African, African-American or diasporic Africans.

August 2 - 10, 2024  
Cherry Plain, NY 

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