Thanks to the kemetic cosmological argument, by demonstration, the Most High, Nzâmbi Ampûngu Tulêndo, is the greatest possible being. This can be proven in the following manner:

1. The individualities included in this temporal universe confirm its individual nature.

2. An individual temporal universe can only be the effect of an individual cause.

3. The individual nature of this cause begs the existence of other similar (effective or potential) causes, i.e., only some may have yet created their universes.

4. By hypothesis any creation is included in its creator.

5. An entity exists that includes all the above-deduced creators. This entity is the greatest possible being, it is the Most High.

6. The Most High is indivisible and immutable, since any principle of his divisibility and mutability must be greater than him, an impossible fact .

7.The temporal universe cannot be in the Most High, due to his immutability. It cannot be outside of the Most High, for added to him it will result in an entity greater than the greatest possible being.

8. Therefore, the temporal universe is only a perception of the celestial reality in the temporal consciousness of the creator. This is a proof of the validity of our hypothesis.

10. All reality is in the Most High and is good. If evil were real, added to the Most High it will ensue the existence of a reality greater than the greatest possible reality, the Supreme Being; this outcome is impossible 😟😟😟

Hence, evil is not real, it is always an erroneous suggestion seeking refuge in our consciousness; a dream of pleasure in sin and of suffering.

The highest remedy against evil is therefore a prayer of affirmation and negation (sâmba, which means to plead one’s case like in a court of law). This activity (sâmba) is prompted by the surrounding presence of Most High through the agency of the bakulu ba maza (the holy ancestors), and manifested as the activity of the divinity within us thanks to the agency of the bakisi (the holy ancestors as animating divine spirits).

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