1. The educational process in the West is inspired by two French philosophies:
  2. A well filled head, a philosophy sustained by Rabelais who insisted on the immensity of knowledge.
  3. And a well done head, the pedagogical position of Montaigne which implies equipping the student for good reasoning.
  4. Thus the educational process in the West is matter filling the learner with knowledge or training him to develop a good reasoning ability.
  5. Embarked willy-nilly in Western educational paradigm, the Back people sometime forget that this western paradigm is not the one that pursued by our ancestors. The basic tenet of African epistemology is the freedom of the soul from the body. This freedom enables the soul to peregrinate to higher plane without the company of the visible body and bring new knowledge to humanity.
  6. For the old African knowledge is revelation. This philosophy is seen in the answer of an elder to a difficult question: let us sleep and let the head have a dream;
  7. It ensues from this perception of the soul and knowledge that the highest educational process in Africa required the purification of being to free the soul from the shackles of the visible body.
  8. It’s time for nowadays African leaders to revert to Kemetic educational process, a process that enabled Africa to form true savants, through the connection with the divine source of knowledge, instead of mere experts as is the case in the western paradigm.
  9. However, where the political leaders fail, it belongs to spiritual leaders to create initiatory academies geared toward the purification of Black people, i.e., academies of the divine practice of African traditional religion. This will compensate the failures of the adopted Western educational process.
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