From the beginning, divine knowledge has always been an exact Science. This science was first kept by the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. At the time chosen by God, this science was entrusted to the Bantus, especially the Bakôngo, to be hidden. That’s why, to fully understand creation, we need to bring together what God revealed to these ancient civilizations.

In the beginning, heaven and earth were united, for the earth (as limitation) was only potential. Loving his Children with sincere love, the Most High God (Nzâmbi Ampûngu Tulêndo) provided them with free will. Misuse of this free will has resulted in the actualization of evil (as limitation). Thus, the Word (Mpina Nza, God the judge and governor) separated the earth from the heaven. Because, the heaven cannot contain a manifest evil, only a potential one.

This implies that the fallen Children of the Most High God (Nzâmbi Ampûngu Tulêndo), by their misuse of free will, have fallen into darkness and chaos, a kind of nightmare. But, since the Most High God has no contingency, the saints in heaven (Ogdoad) have chosen God the Creator (Mbûmba Lowa) to come down to earth and save the fallen Children of God. Since the Most High is absolutely immutable, even relationally, these fallen Children could not be annihilated. They were reduced to non-incarnate spirits.

So, in truth, creation was not ex-nihilo. Creatures already existed, but without incarnation, light, form, or order. This is why the creator (Mbûmba Lowa) first created light and then made nature take shape (the Kôngo verb bûmba whence stemes Mbûmba Lowa means to give a form to), finally the Creator helped non-incarnate spirits to take a temporary forms. From this came the proverb: “Nzâmbi Mbûmba wula kuani kavânga” (God is a potter, he only made a bark), that is to say, the Creator only gave forms to a preexisting formless elements.

Extracted and adapted from the book entitled BUKÔNGO (400 pages) by Dr Luyaluka, available at Amazon.

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