What was before the beginning of the universe? Is there a beginning? Why are we on this earthly plane?

Western materialistic science, which we call lunar science, limits the universe to the whole of our cosmos and answers that before the big bang there was nothing. This poses an ontological question: how can we have an immeasurable quantity of matter from nothing? How did we have an inflation of energy called big bang out of nothing?

In its epistemic configuration, lunar science prefers to close its ears to certain questions in order to begin and continue its search with complete peace of mind. Otherwise, its quest cannot even begin. So, it only assumes that the universe is material and began from nothing. As for our future, the best that lunar thought can tell us is that we will return to nothingness. A perspective that is impossible for a real Black person to accept.

For solar science, that of the Black/African tradition, the universe is the whole of the visible and the invisible. The universe therefore extends beyond our cosmos. The universe never began with nothingness. Everything imaginable exists and has always existed, at least in a potential manner. Because cosmological nothingness does not exist for Black people. Before manifest existence, there is potential existence. To create is therefore to move something from potential existence to manifest existence.

Thanks to the Kemetic cosmological argument, which is an EXACT SCIENCE, the traditional Black/African cosmogony demonstrates today that the invisible is coexisting and co-eternal with the Most High. Creation is the process by which the visible passes from the potential state to the manifest state. Creation, or the created, is not eternal, because all reality is of the order of the invisible.

Thus, the visible will eventually resolve into its primitive potential nature. The visible is therefore a school where we learn to escape from the mental illusion of limitation, this limitation that we call the visible, a limited perception of the invisible. We are each now even Osiris, Malungila, Child of the Most High, but in a potential way. Creation helps us become that again in a manifest way.

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