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Claim your birthright and reconnect with the ancient wisdom of your Ancestors!

Calling African descendants in the Diaspora to awaken to the ancestral wisdom teachings so long kept secret in the Kongo. Join Dr. Luyaluka as he expounds on the spirit of Bukôngo in this 6-week online course, created specifically for the African Diaspora in the quest to return to our roots.

About the Course...

When: October 5 - November 9, 2024    |   Where: Virtual   |  Tuition: $ 99 USD 

A great deal has been written on African retentions in the Americas, with much of the Diaspora being familiar with influences of the Yoruba and Fon/Dahomey kingdoms of West Africa. The fact that many Kôngo elements survived the ravages of the Middle Passage is often overlooked, a phenomenon encouraged by the secrecy surrounding the practice of Kôngo traditions in some areas and the destruction of Kôngo initiatory academies during the 1930s. The Kôngo is significant in exploring the spiritual wisdom of African indigenous science as many Africans enslaved in the North and South American colonies were from the Kôngo region.

The purpose of the course is to give the diasporan African a global concept of African traditional religion, a perception that demonstrates its superior nature, as an exact science, and the double divine-human nature of its practice as indispensable to the awakening and decolonization of Africans both in the Motherland and the Diaspora.  

This is an invitation to Black brothers and sisters to finally claim the divine ancestral legacy bequeathed to us and preserved in the Kôngo, ready to awaken our unlimited potential as divine beings.

What you Will Discover In the Course...

During the 6-week span of the course, we will cover a lot of ground ! As we go through each week, Dr. Luyaluka will reveal wisdom of the divine mysteries, initiation, spiritual healing and the power and primacy of Kôngo spirituality in awakening the new African. You don't want to miss it ! Take a sneak peak below:

Module #1

In this introductory session, we will dive into the living legacy of the Kôngo, a legacy of wisdom and divine mystery. We will demonstrate the deep richness in the art and science of Bukôngo, the indigenous African spiritual tradition of West Central Africa. Topics include:

  • What is the Kingdom of Kôngo?
  • The meaning of the word Kôngo
  • The spiritual destiny of the Kôngo
  • Introduction to the Kôngo cosmogram
Module #2

In this module we will explore the deep meaning of the kôngo cosmogram as the central symbol of the Bukôngo which encapsulates the teachings of this ancient African indigenous technology. The Kôngo cosmogram was introduced in the Americas by enslaved Bakongo people in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. It has influenced various forms of African diasporic practices, such as Candomblé, Palo, Southern American hoodoo and Myalism. Topics include:

  • The Kôngo cosmogram revisited
  • The vision of Djehuty
  • From the spiral to the spiral to the cross (kulunsi)
  • Different applications of the kulunsi

Module #3

This module will reveal the superior nature of the ATR as an exact science, thanks to a cosmological argument. Natural theology, as the attempt to demonstrate the existence of the Most-High, has always been a failure in the West since the time of Plato. The kemetic cosmological argument (KCA) not only allows one to demonstrate deductively the existence of the Supreme Being, but it also extends into a natural systematic theology. The congruence of the KCA with the religions of ancient kemet and with Bakôngo proves that they are an exact science. For Africans at home and in the Diaspora to experience a renaissance of our glorious past, it is necessary to understand the scientific significance of ATK and reestablish the divine mysteries in our spiritual cultures.

  • The insight from Grecian philosophers of antiquity 
  • The fallacy of Western theism
  • The weakness of Western epistemology
  • The kemetic cosmological argument (KCA)
Module #4

In this module we will reveal the two different practices of African traditional religion (ATR): the divine and the human. This dual nature of the practice of African traditional spirituality is often not well understood. This dual nature is the continuation of the praxis of the divine mystery from ancient Kemet, masterfully maintained by our illuminated Ancestors in Bukôngo for thousands of years.  Topics include:

  • The hierarchy of spirits 
  • Divine practice of ATR
  • Human practice of ATR
  • Complementarity of the divine and the human practices
Module #5

In this module we will learn about the Kôngo initiatory academies, their curriculums and different connections within the divine/human divide of the practice of ATR. The great relevance of these initiatory practices is that they reveal the full spectrum of the kemetic initiatory system - extant within Bukongo!

  • The Kimpasi 
  • The Lêmba
  • The Kinkîmba
Module #6

In this module we will demonstrate the nature and scientific validity of the highest healing practice in Kôngo traditional society: spiritual healing. Topics include:

  • The three different kinds of diseases according to Kôngo culture 
  • The notion of the spirits and the divine/human practices in the healing process 
  • The scientific bases of spiritual healing 
  • The concept of disease as bêla and its implication to spiritual healing
  • The unreality of evil according to the KCA 
When: October 5 - November 9, 2024    |   Where: Virtual   |  Tuition: $ 99 USD 

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When: October 5 - November 9, 2024     |   Where: Virtual   |  Tuition: $ 99 USD 

Please note, some courses are only for those who identify as black Africans and diasporic Africans.  If you sign up for a course which specifies this requirement and do not identify as a person of black African descent, you will be removed from the course. Therefore, please ensure that you meet this requirement before enrolling. Thank you for understanding.