Thanks to the Kemetic Cosmological Argument (KCA) it is shown that the African traditional religion (ATR) is in fact an exact science.

The KCA allows one to prove, by deduction from empirical premises, that the main deities of African hierarchical monotheism are the following:

1. The Most High God, the transcend supreme being.

2. The solar Creator of this temporal universe (one of the effective creators of the multiverse, the sum total of the temporal universes).

3. The Word, or the manifestation of the fullness of the Most High in each effective or potential creator (each Child of God).

4. The highest deified ancestor.

The first three deities are common to all Black people of Africa, although with different names. These three deities form a trinity where the Most High acts in each creator (each Child of God) through the Word

From the fourth deity, each ethnic group inaugurates a line of deities specific to it in the heavens (on the temporal plane).

Due to the transcendence of the Most High, the highest divinity to whom prayers were directly addressed is the creator.

Thus we have, for Egypt, school of Memphis:

For Sumer:

1. An or Anu

2. Enki

3. Enlil

4. The “dead” Gods.

For Bukôngo, the Kôngo religion

1. Nzambi Ampungu Tulêndo

2. Mbumba Lowa

3. Mpina Nza

4. Kôngo

For the Mboshi of Congo-Brazzaville

1. Nzambe-Nzambe-Nzambe

2. Nzambe Ikolatsenge

3. Nzambe Kane

4. Nzambe Mwene

For the Songye of the DRC

1. Shakahanga

2. Efile Mbula

3. Efile Mbuwa

4. Efile Mukulu

Thanks to the congruence with the kemetic cosmological argument, which is an exact scienc, this classification is scientific and proves that African traditional religion is in reality an exact science. This classification of divinities is present in every ethnic, but many have lost it due to the negative influence of the West. It is therefore up to everyone to find it for his ethnic.

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