African traditional religion as an exact science: THE KEMETIC COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT

Summarily, the kemetic cosmological argument can be introduced in the following manner:

1. The individualities included in this temporal universe confirm its individual nature.

2. An individual temporal universe can only be the effect of an individual cause.

3. In the infinity of possibilities, the individual nature of this cause begs the existence of other similar causes. This temporal universe being the only one we seems to see, other causes may have not yet created their respective universes; thus we have effective and potential causes.

4. By hypothesis any creation is included in its creator.

5. An entity exists that includes all the above-deduced creators. This entity is the greatest possible being, it is the Most High.

6. The Most High is indivisible and immutable; otherwise there must be a principle of his divisibility and mutabillity; according to the law of causality, such a principle must be greater than the Most High, i.e., greater than the greatest possible being; an impossible outcome.

7. As a manifestation of the indivisible Most High, each creator (each Child of the Most High) expresses his fullness. We call this fullness the Logos.

7. God being indivisible and all-inclusive, the Most High, Child of the Most High, and the Logos are inseparable in existence, substance, and activity. This is solar trinity.

8. The temporal universe cannot be in the Most High, since due to his immutability nothing new can be added to him. It cannot be outside of Most High, for added to him it will result in an entity greater than the greatest possible being.

9. Therefore, the temporal universe is only a perception of the celestial reality in the temporal consciousness of the creator. This proves the validity of our hypothesis.

10. Thus, reality is spiritual . The material is just an appearance of reality, a limited and/or reversed perception of reality.

In reality, this argument extends to all the essential doctrines of solar religion, a salvational religion where human being are in reality fallen Children of the Most High.

Solar religion is the original form of African traditional religion kept in Bukôngo, the Kôngo religion. Thus African traditional religion is in reality AN EXACT SCIENCE.

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