Initiation Into BUKÔNGO Divine Mystery

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This eBook exposes the deep meaning of the kôngo cosmogram, a symbol which summarizes the teachings of Bukôngo. The cosmogram alludes to the heavenly origin and destiny of human beings, to the immortality of the soul and the eternity of life. Get this free eBook to learn more!

Hello, I'm Dr. Luyaluka. It's great to meet you!

I'm so happy that you are here. For nearly two decades, I have been devoted to the solar renaissance, (that is the science of African indigenous technology) as the recourse, even return, of Africans to the traditional epistemology and spirituality that marked the success of ancient Egypt and pre-colonial South-Saharan civilizations. 

As a result of my studies, research and as a native to the Kongo, I created NZIL'ALOWA academy, as a path to unfold and an agency of wisdom from the holy Ancestors to reconnect the African to their original spiritual traditions. Welcome home!

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This is so wonderful. What a time to be alive as an African. I am grateful for access to his genius!

So, so happy I was able to come across this video. The Bakongo religion is directly linked to my tribe in DRC, but my family never taught us much about it. Thank you so much for this!

Listening to this revelation, I can feel every words that is spoken in my spirit. Thank you Dr. Luyaluka!



The book addresses the existence of two kinds of practices of African Traditional Religion: the divine minority practice and the human majority one. It exposes the difference between these two practices and their indispensable complementary nature in the activity of Black civilization.

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